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New Beginnings Account

The New Beginnings Program is specifically designed to teach our young adult members the importance of fiscal responsibility.

Young adults between the ages of 18-21 are eligible to apply for a New Beginnings account.

The member may open a checking account1 with a Debit Card and may further apply for a $500 overdraft protection and/or a Credit Card with a $500 limit, if wanted.

Leyden Credit Union values financial education and requires any young member applying for the New Beginnings Program to participate in a 30-45 minute counseling session with an Accel Counselor.


New Beginnings Account

The member must call Accel and identify him/herself as needing to complete the counseling program for the New Beginnings Program with Leyden Credit Union. The following should be covered in each counseling session:

  1. A full budget session.

  2. Budget Smart software is available on the Leyden CU website.

  3. The impact of missing/late payments to the credit union and how it will affect your credit score.

  4. Charge-offs.

  5. Bouncing checks & possibly losing checking account privileges.

  6. What is CHEX Systems and why it’s used.

  7. Encourage the member to call Accel if their financial situation changes.

  8. Advise the member to call Leyden Credit Union if they become unemployed.

A Certificate of Completion is needed to open the checking account. The member must instruct the Accel counselor to fax the certificate to the credit union at 847-455-1245.


  • New Beginnings Checking Account
    • No minimum balance required
    • $2.00 monthly fee WAIVED
    • First Order of Checks FREE [50 ct.]
  • FREE Visa Debit Card
    • 4 ATM withdrawals per month FREE
  • FREE Home Banking
  • Overdraft Line-of-Credit2
    • $500 Credit Limit
    • Advance funds to protect checking from being overdrawn
  • Visa Credit Card2
    • $500 Credit Limit [higher limit possible]

NOTE: Those wishing to join Leyden Credit Union must meet the eligibility requirement of living, working or worshipping in one of the following townships: Leyden, Addison, Elk Grove, Maine, Proviso, Lisle or York.

See Account Disclosures for all terms and conditions.

1 In addition to Regular Savings account required of all Leyden CU members.
2 Subject to qualification & approval. Some restrictions may apply.

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