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Membership Check Printing Vendor Change Notice

The Board of Directors & the Management Team of Leyden Credit Union have made the decision to partner with a new vendor to provide personal & business check printing services to our membership.

The new vendor will allow Leyden Credit Union to provide check printing services to our members at more favorable costs compared to our existing vendor relationship.

We've created this Q&A (or FAQ) to hopefully answer most member questions. Members are welcome to ask any unanswered questions by calling the office or by email at

Here are some highlights:

  • Simplified base price for most check styles.

  • Over 50 check styles to choose from.

  • 150 checks per order/pack (up from 120)

  • Each order/pack includes a register, vinyl cover & check box.*

  • All existing checks from prior orders can still to be used without worries.

* Each order/pack will now include a replacement vinyl check book cover and collapsible box to store your unused checks. These additional items are not supplied today with existing check orders.

Member Impact FAQ:

Q: Why are we changing check printing vendors?

A: The change is being made to save our members money in their check printing costs while still providing a large selection of styles and quality service.

Q: What vendor is used now and who is the new vendor?

A: We currently use Liberty (now part of HarlandClarke) for member check orders today. We will be changing to Legacy Member Services.

Q: When is the change going to be made?

A: We will begin ordering checks with the new vendor on February 1, 2014. All check orders placed before then will continue to be placed with our existing vendor using existing check styles at current prices.

Q: Can I still use my existing checks?

A: Yes! Any checks you still have from prior check orders can still be used. There is no need to stop using your existing checks and there is no need to order new checks because of this vendor change.

Q: Can I still order the same check style I have now?

A: Possibly. A lot of "standard" check styles continue to be available, these are sometimes referred as Safety Checks in green, yellow, or blue. Many other styles are vendor-specific due to licensing agreements or vendor inventories.

There is a chance a new check style will need to be chosen by you in order to process your order after February 1, 2014.

Leyden CU highly recommends that all members contact us prior to your next check order to review available check styles. Available check styles can be previewed HERE. We will also have selection guides at our office.

Any order form submitted after February 1, 2014 without a new check style code may be delayed while we contact the member for this information.

Q: But I really, really like my check style. What can I do?

A: We will continue to keep our relationship open on a limited basis with our existing check vendor for those members that wish to keep a specific check style.

We cannot guarantee how long this relationship will remain open. The vendor has the option to discontinue their service after February 1, 2014 at any time.

At your option, you may order additional checks now with your existing check style so you won't need to order again for a while.

Q: Will I need to start my check numbers over again?

A: Probably not. We will have a list of member check orders from the last 2 years. If you do not supply us with your ending check number, we may be able to look it up to continue from your prior order. If it's been more than 2 years since your last order, we can look at your recent check clearing history and make a close approximation for your next check order.

Q: Can I order checks from another company?

A: Yes. We've partnered with a vendor as a convenience to our members that wish to order directly with Leyden Credit Union. You are not required to order your checks with us, we simply provide the option if you like.

If you choose to use an alternative check printing vendor, please contact Leyden Credit Union FIRST so we can provide you accurate processing information for your check order. Failing to do so may cause us to reject your checks if proper account information is not printed on your checks!

Please note that your first order placed with an alternate vendor may be delayed for account verification (required in Illinois).

Q: What is the benefit of ordering my checks with Leyden Credit Union?

A: Leyden Credit Union arranges & contracts with a selected vendor to provide competitive pricing & quality service for the benefit of our members.  We also have direct access to service representatives if needed.

Your check orders will be entered by our staff to ensure accurate account data entry. Also, Legacy Member Services guarantees satisfaction with your order or they will replace it free of charge.

Q: Will special program checks still be available (VIP, Senior, Money Market)?

A: Yes. We will continue to identify members in special program groups that qualify for those benefits.

Special program checks that use a specific check style will be assigned a replacement check style from the new vendor catalog. Please ask us if you wish to review the newly assigned style prior to your next order.

Q: Will there be any impact to my account number or suffixes?

A: No. This vendor change is for the printing of your checks only. This has no impact on your account number, suffix number, or any automated/bill payments made to your account from other companies.

If you would like to ask a question about this change, please send it to We will try to respond to all questions as quickly as possible. If your question has value to all membership, we may add it to our Q&A here. Thank you.

This page may be updated as the transition process continues forward and new information is obtained. Please check back.

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